Onsite Services

Onsite Support Services

Provides on-site Installation & maintenance of all Products in the banking industry with end to end support.
  • EOD execution
  • Production Support
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Application deployment and Releases

Functional Testing

  • Validating the application Test Scripts based on Bank’s Current Business
  • Creating Additional Test Scenarios and Test Cases to cater the Banks Business.
  • Testing All the Modules and its Functionalities. Ensure that the application is behaving correctly as per Banks Business.
  • Testing all the Calculation areas and ensure that application is calculating correctly
  • Validating all the Reports / Journals Produced by the Application, and ensuring its correctness.

Core Testing Services

  • Manual Functional Testing
  • System and Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Extensive domain expertise and technological strengths
  • Seamless integration of newer technologies

Applications Development Services

Design, build, test and implement solutions that are cost effective to operate and maintain over the lifetime of the application.

Applications Modernisation Services

Msolutions effectively adopted and mastered a variety of application modernisation strategies that effectively addresses the risks.

Applications Maintenance Services

Msolutions provides the timely support for the mission critical applications and provides enhancements to improve it.

Applications Migration Services

Msolutions understands the constraints of the legacy applications in the current era and is fully geared to provide the Migration.